Alta - Himalaya Kanchenjunga

Alta - Himalaya Kanchenjunga


Live Event:

Dr Steve Hinkey -- Healing / Art / Meditation / Transformation 

Healing Work of the Subtlest Kind:


Art of tanmAtra:

for Transformation — Personal Healing Drawings 

Global Group Meditation Drawings — for Awakening, Integrating, & Artistic Enjoyment

Global Group Telepathic Meditation: 

Wednesday 6:30pm Pacific - phone (712) 775-8968 code 772366. 

Sunday 8:30am Pacific - phone (712) 775-8968 code 466800. 

Where Dr Steve Draws Live!

Steve Posts Art on Facebook, and Sells Fine Art Prints: 

His work is invocative, dynamic, talismanic, sure to leave an impression

 Dr Steve Hinkey -- (310) 488-8310


LoveIsmorethanOne -A Group Meditation

Every Sunday at 8:30am Pacific, 10:30am Central, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm London/UK, 5:30pm Switzerland times.

 +1 (712) 432 3066  put in access code 466800 when prompted.  Meditations are recorded.

Visit Facebook group page Love Is More Than One to read and make comments, to take in the weekly art and sagery, and to find community. It is an open group, all friends are welcome.

Personal, Group and Planetary Meditation in service to love, group soul and the One Humanity is done in telepathic communion with Hierarchy, Soul Consciousness and the great evolving plan of our Earth as it is known to the Christ, Buddha and Shamballa.

This sublime demonstration of the life of Ordinary Soul can only be experienced in group, and this is the place for that. By engaging in direct planetary service we are joined by the great illumined minds of Hierarchy for their cooperation. Our 50 plus years of direct cooperation with the spiritual forces of our existence make this a rare and powerful mentoring experience for all.

The duality of personality and soul is the burning ground for the great moment of human transformation we are now in. The personal and group growth we experience in this advanced guided telepathatic process strengthens the human group life as we all move toward soul consciousness in love. 

LoveIsmorethanOne Sunday Live Group Meditation is a call-in global celebration of the Soul that arises from group effort, group coherence, and group love. You and your friends are welcome.  Join us.

+1 (712) 432-3066  code 466800

Donations:  LoveIsmorethanOne exists solely by your donations. Whether $10-20 a session, or by the month or year, we greatly appreciate your contributions to expand our community.  



love Dan & Steve

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