Patient Testimonial

"For me, I've known for about 2 years now that Dr. Steve Hinkey was a great doctor and more importantly a great healer (mind, body, and soul), however recently I was reminded once again just how true those facts really are. I spent some holiday time in Maui and started feeling quite sick. I dealt with it for about a week and then flew back home to Chicago. I had a skype appointment with Dr. Steve that afternoon and after doing some brilliant energy work he informed me that my body was fighting 2 viruses. One was an old virus something my body had awhile ago and my body was finally filtering it out, and the 2nd virus WAS active but it was on it's way out the door. After the skype I felt 10 times better than before. However the next day I already had another appointment scheduled to see a good friend and doctor Dr. Kerry Heitkotter. She uses a modern computerized testing system called Bioset to perfectly pin point viruses and/or other diseases. I went into my appointment with Dr. Heitkotter and didn't inform her of anything Dr. Steve had said already the day before. Sure enough right away Dr. Heitkotter found the culprit. Two viruses. Swine flu from a year ago working out of my system. And Adenovirus, active, but leaving my body quickly. Exactly almost word for word what Dr. Steve told me over skype through his wonderful healing abilities. 

I travel the world for my job--and can honestly say, I feel safe, protected and cared for by Dr. Hinkey anywhere I find myself. I trust Dr. Hinkey with my life and would (and HAVE) recommend his services to anyone."

Jessica Yaccino