Patient Testimonial

Hi, I'm Vanya. I met Steve probably 25 years ago. I read in the Times about a new form of Chiropractic. I'd fallen off a chairlift while skiing at 16, crushed my tailbone and threw my spine off center. There was a piece of bone sticking out of my tailbone that was very uncomfortable, and I could never sit for long periods of time! The doctors Then couldn't help me, and over the years other parts of my body were taking their toll.... Steve worked with me for many many weeks.  Sometimes I'd stay in his office the entire day. I was determinded to walk straight and have no pain. LIttle did I know that Steve was also working on my mind, my soul, my psyche! Fast forward all these years. Anyone who knew me all those years ago Would Never Recognize me! Thanks to Dr Steve Hinkey! This man is amazing! His knowledge is vast on multi levels and dimensions. He's certainly an intuitive, right brain visionary. I've grown young... "at heart" and "at looking" because of his fine work. Anything he told me to do or to study, I did! I'm very proud to give this reference. I can talk forever about this man!

Vanya Rohner, Los Angeles