Healing Theater Chicago

Hello, Any words will not explain or express it. The past 2 days have been, ...mind bending, reconfiguring, topsy turvy of what the groove has been. A plateau reached, and a knowing there is more, and it is right in front of the face. Eyes wide open, the eye behind the eye.

Laying in the tub, taking a soak. Looking at the flame of the candle. Dam...how many lifetimes has it been. Back and forth, this role, that role going along playing the game. Playing the good guy or girl, playing the bad guy/girl, putting it all in boxes. Playing the rules, breaking the rules.... whose rules... who made the rules? What fricking rules!? Anger, laughter, realizing, wondering, tears, letting it go. Nothing to prove, everything to prove, realizing that it is all an illusion and observing the flame of the candle. How glowing it is, how comforting to just watch the flame.

Smile, in-breath, out-breath, smile and release. How high to fly, .... what do you mean I haven't even walked on this earth yet!!! What do you know!!! (clever how the buttons can be pushed, Zen master you... yes! (ok, whatever the heck I mean) I can see you.. again. All is one after all, the flame, the oneness, the love.

No time, all is unfolding however it does, letting go. Breathing in, breathing out, smiling, letting go. Observing, watching ... ... interesting. Feel the fear, feel the power, dancing on the edge. No excuses, no need for explanations... it is as is for now. 

And so it goes, See you next week, Susan Gebhardt