Healing Theater Chicago

Hello Dr. Steve, Have to share a little story. Remember the story you told us of the Yogi who spent his enlightened time on top of a dung/garbage heap... just smearing himself with his own poop? Then young Swami Muktananda came to see this yogi, asked him what the heck he is doing, and the yogi said, "Shit inside much worse than shit outside", and Muktananda was instantly transported to a Paradise, attained some enlightenment, and instead of smelling something bad, all he could smell is flowers...

So my story:  I go to see my hospice patient, Mrs. "Divine Mother".  (I play the role of a hospice nurse). Now the "divine mother" has been labeled as having dementia. There are 2 things she says all day.  "I LOVE you", and "Can I kiss you ?".  Ask a question, and the answer is "I LOVE YOU". Keeps it pretty simple, and you really do feel love when you meet her. So this day I help the Divine Mother into the bathroom. Get her onto the toilet. Well, she has had a bowel movement in her pants. I bend down to change her pants and clean things up. She decides to help and gets some on her hands. Being the kind Divine Mother that she is, she thanks me for my help by patting me on my head. Hey, whats a little poop on your crown chakra I think! For, surely now... I am enlightened, we are one. And it even begins to be that it all smells a bit like roses (no... it is not the air freshener down the hall!!). I smile at the Divine Mother. I LOVE YOU, she says. I LOVE YOU, I say. Ah, it is great to be love, and to be loved... And, the Divine Mother has a sweet smile, and when she does kiss you on the cheek it is with true tenderness. How truely lucky I am. (after all the poop does wash off :))

With love and in light of the Divine Comedy, Susan Gebhardt