Healing Theater Chicago

Hello, I hope everything is going well. I wanted to thank you again for the 'Soul Purpose Seminar'. It was definitely eye - heart - mind opening. I feel more self confident about myself and my purpose. It pushed me further out of my comfort zone. You guys did a great job! I wanted to also give some feedback that might be useful in the future. Highlights:

1. The guided meditations to connect with our Soul Stars and other beings. It was the most beautiful meditation I have experienced. I felt like we could heal the world together.

2. The beautiful drawings Steve was doing throughout the seminar...

3. Astrology/Numerology readings by Dan...it's a useful way to discover and understand ourselves on a deeper level. I appreciate my name and myself more now knowing that I have a soul star.

4. Information and description about this "other world"...

5. Aquarius Age Purpose (group consciousness)

6. Intuition is the 'mind of the soul'

7. Having a new perspective on life

8. Connecting with like minded people

Ildiko Puskas