Testimonials for Dan and Steve

These are a few of hundreds and hundreds of testimonials voluntarily given by grateful clients and attendees over the years. The list could go back to the late 1970's, and we have kept most of them. The themes would just repeat themselves if we posted them, as our focus, direction, and fire have remained consistent in helping patients healing disease, trauma, depression -- in helping cutting-edge thinkers and meditators and yogis to deal with annihilation and catharsis and integration (instead of madness and mayhem) -- and in inspiring all people to come to the Truth in themselves and the world, and where we are going as One Humanity.

Patient Testimonial

Hi, I'm Vanya. I met Steve probably 25 years ago. I read in the Times about a new form of Chiropractic. I'd fallen off a chairlift while skiing at 16, crushed my tailbone and threw my spine off center. There was a piece of bone sticking out of my tailbone that was very uncomfortable, and I could never sit for long periods of time! The doctors Then couldn't help me, and over the years other parts of my body were taking their toll.... Steve worked with me for many many weeks.  Sometimes I'd stay in his office the entire day. I was determinded to walk straight and have no pain. LIttle did I know that Steve was also working on my mind, my soul, my psyche! Fast forward all these years. Anyone who knew me all those years ago Would Never Recognize me! Thanks to Dr Steve Hinkey! This man is amazing! His knowledge is vast on multi levels and dimensions. He's certainly an intuitive, right brain visionary. I've grown young... "at heart" and "at looking" because of his fine work. Anything he told me to do or to study, I did! I'm very proud to give this reference. I can talk forever about this man!

Vanya Rohner, Los Angeles

Healing Theater Chicago

"I got everything I wish for. I am in still in awe and surprise. It was marvelous to feel how you guys help all of us to connect....and then simply get what we want. I got a miracle. I feel that I have been given a gift and I do not know why.  I am just very grateful. I came from the third world with my husband to USA. We thought it was to give the future generations of our family a more solid economic advancement. I never expected to be so much better.  Spiritual advancement. With sincere love."

-Fabiana Belous

Healing Theater Chicago

"This morning I woke up and something struck me.  I felt a feeling of wholeness. I am the embodiment of wholeness now. Thank you. Your work with the support and the intention of the group has given me so much clarity, understanding, acceptance, a shift in perception and so much more, you know ;-)  I am united with all that is. I accept all dense and subtle aspects of me. It's awesome, peaceful, and ecstatic at the same time."

Dr Jaena Gonzaga

Healing Theater Chicago

Hello, I hope everything is going well. I wanted to thank you again for the 'Soul Purpose Seminar'. It was definitely eye - heart - mind opening. I feel more self confident about myself and my purpose. It pushed me further out of my comfort zone. You guys did a great job! I wanted to also give some feedback that might be useful in the future. Highlights:

1. The guided meditations to connect with our Soul Stars and other beings. It was the most beautiful meditation I have experienced. I felt like we could heal the world together.

2. The beautiful drawings Steve was doing throughout the seminar...

3. Astrology/Numerology readings by Dan...it's a useful way to discover and understand ourselves on a deeper level. I appreciate my name and myself more now knowing that I have a soul star.

4. Information and description about this "other world"...

5. Aquarius Age Purpose (group consciousness)

6. Intuition is the 'mind of the soul'

7. Having a new perspective on life

8. Connecting with like minded people

Ildiko Puskas

Patient Testimonial

Dear Steve, thank you so much again for your help. I am so glad and grateful to read from you, your honest, loving and truthful help gives me all I need in order to understand all this better. And thanks to you I do. So thank you so very much again for your time and effort you gave me. I lit a candle for him in the church today and it was quite hard leaving it alone there, flickering, I could almost see him. Sad:-) But it all feels good and right. Like you said, it's a bitch - but almost exciting:-) such is life, isn't it. 
Loving, Sabina

Patient Testimonial

Before I met Dr. Hinkey I was told that I had parasites. Since I have dealt with energy healing before, when I found out about Dr. Hinkey and how he can heal through the phone, I was excited and willing to see if he could help me. I had heard horror stories from a nurse about people having to go to the Dr's and having to take some type of medicine that makes you very sick for weeks, and you would have to take it for 6 weeks, and even then it's not guaranteed to work. So I was very pleased to hear that Dr. Hinkey could take care of these little critters without the use of medicine, and without me having to even leave my house. He did all of the energy healing through the phone. When I first talked with Dr. Hinkey he confirmed that I did have parasites, told me how long I've had them, and informed me they were everywhere in my body, to the degree that they had mutated. He performed his energy healing on me via phone and for the next five days I felt sick - had fevers, headaches, body aches, etc. On our next session he told me that was normal because my body was recovering and trying to get used to the fact that the little critters aren't there anymore. We had several sessions and he healed me energetically over the phone. The last time he let me know that he didn't see anymore parasites. I then went back to the person who originally told me I had them, and he confirmed that I no longer have parasites. I am very grateful and thankful for the work that Dr. Hinkey has done with me, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Crystal McLain

Patient Testimonial

"For me, I've known for about 2 years now that Dr. Steve Hinkey was a great doctor and more importantly a great healer (mind, body, and soul), however recently I was reminded once again just how true those facts really are. I spent some holiday time in Maui and started feeling quite sick. I dealt with it for about a week and then flew back home to Chicago. I had a skype appointment with Dr. Steve that afternoon and after doing some brilliant energy work he informed me that my body was fighting 2 viruses. One was an old virus something my body had awhile ago and my body was finally filtering it out, and the 2nd virus WAS active but it was on it's way out the door. After the skype I felt 10 times better than before. However the next day I already had another appointment scheduled to see a good friend and doctor Dr. Kerry Heitkotter. She uses a modern computerized testing system called Bioset to perfectly pin point viruses and/or other diseases. I went into my appointment with Dr. Heitkotter and didn't inform her of anything Dr. Steve had said already the day before. Sure enough right away Dr. Heitkotter found the culprit. Two viruses. Swine flu from a year ago working out of my system. And Adenovirus, active, but leaving my body quickly. Exactly almost word for word what Dr. Steve told me over skype through his wonderful healing abilities. 

I travel the world for my job--and can honestly say, I feel safe, protected and cared for by Dr. Hinkey anywhere I find myself. I trust Dr. Hinkey with my life and would (and HAVE) recommend his services to anyone."

Jessica Yaccino

Healing Theatre London

Greetings Steve, It was a Wonderful evening the other night Steve, and I plan to see you next week. From that meeting, in a pod I will say a gate has opened and the lovelorn beasts of burden in this heart now begin to move out. In restless numbers they muster and Move out into the open, the playing fields, yearning, happy for the taste of air and freedom they had been imprisoned by for so long.  Hallelujah.

Andre O

Healing Theater Chicago

Hello Dr. Steve, Have to share a little story. Remember the story you told us of the Yogi who spent his enlightened time on top of a dung/garbage heap... just smearing himself with his own poop? Then young Swami Muktananda came to see this yogi, asked him what the heck he is doing, and the yogi said, "Shit inside much worse than shit outside", and Muktananda was instantly transported to a Paradise, attained some enlightenment, and instead of smelling something bad, all he could smell is flowers...

So my story:  I go to see my hospice patient, Mrs. "Divine Mother".  (I play the role of a hospice nurse). Now the "divine mother" has been labeled as having dementia. There are 2 things she says all day.  "I LOVE you", and "Can I kiss you ?".  Ask a question, and the answer is "I LOVE YOU". Keeps it pretty simple, and you really do feel love when you meet her. So this day I help the Divine Mother into the bathroom. Get her onto the toilet. Well, she has had a bowel movement in her pants. I bend down to change her pants and clean things up. She decides to help and gets some on her hands. Being the kind Divine Mother that she is, she thanks me for my help by patting me on my head. Hey, whats a little poop on your crown chakra I think! For, surely now... I am enlightened, we are one. And it even begins to be that it all smells a bit like roses (no... it is not the air freshener down the hall!!). I smile at the Divine Mother. I LOVE YOU, she says. I LOVE YOU, I say. Ah, it is great to be love, and to be loved... And, the Divine Mother has a sweet smile, and when she does kiss you on the cheek it is with true tenderness. How truely lucky I am. (after all the poop does wash off :))

With love and in light of the Divine Comedy, Susan Gebhardt

Healing Theater Chicago

Hello, Any words will not explain or express it. The past 2 days have been, ...mind bending, reconfiguring, topsy turvy of what the groove has been. A plateau reached, and a knowing there is more, and it is right in front of the face. Eyes wide open, the eye behind the eye.

Laying in the tub, taking a soak. Looking at the flame of the candle. Dam...how many lifetimes has it been. Back and forth, this role, that role going along playing the game. Playing the good guy or girl, playing the bad guy/girl, putting it all in boxes. Playing the rules, breaking the rules.... whose rules... who made the rules? What fricking rules!? Anger, laughter, realizing, wondering, tears, letting it go. Nothing to prove, everything to prove, realizing that it is all an illusion and observing the flame of the candle. How glowing it is, how comforting to just watch the flame.

Smile, in-breath, out-breath, smile and release. How high to fly, .... what do you mean I haven't even walked on this earth yet!!! What do you know!!! (clever how the buttons can be pushed, Zen master you... yes! (ok, whatever the heck I mean) I can see you.. again. All is one after all, the flame, the oneness, the love.

No time, all is unfolding however it does, letting go. Breathing in, breathing out, smiling, letting go. Observing, watching ... ... interesting. Feel the fear, feel the power, dancing on the edge. No excuses, no need for explanations... it is as is for now. 

And so it goes, See you next week, Susan Gebhardt

Healing Theater Chicago

I thought I'd send a note to say hello and thanks again for the great session. The changes are still taking place and I'm having crazy thoughts these days. I actually now think there's nothing wrong with me. (Gasp). I also think there's nothing wrong with anyone else. I even think its all going to be ok and that I can do this thing. Hot damn Superman!  ;-). Freedom! Thanks again for your help.  I'd like to talk with you again and perhaps get on some sort of schedule. I'll follow up soon.  

Xxoo!  Karen

Healing Theatre Broadway UK

Hi Steve, Writing to thank you for a wonderful theatre session last Sunday at Denny's. My experience on the day was one of gentle waves of orgasmic healing! You hit the right notes for me on several levels. As a result I feel wonderfully calm, more insightful, and can just be and experience the now. ..ah heaven. I have had a huge amount of change this summer and worked on myself quite a bit, your session really went straight to the heart and cleared all the remaining stuff.  So a huge thanks.

Best wishes, Nicola

Patient Testimonial

Hi Steve, Thank you for our session yesterday, I seem to have got myself well organised with you and I am harvesting all the goodness with our connection. Thank you for coming into my life, I feel very connected to my self whenever I am with you. And without you. !  I am driven deep inside to make this connection and it is like a train that keeps moving. Wow it is amazing !! Have a great day in the sunshine, from sunny Sussex, Marina